ENERGiK works on
sustainable food


In many places in the world, the impact of climate change is clearly noticeable; the global average temperature is rising, there are more extreme weather events and the corals in our oceans are bleaching.

It is time to act.

Improving the sustainability of your organization is not only needed to ensure a bright future, but it also makes clear economic sense.



ENERGiK consults both private and public organizations to boost their sustainability, shares knowledge through presentations and workshops and is also specialized in writing reports and executing Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs).

ENERGiK was founded in January 2018 and is run by Cinta Peerdeman.

Cinta has a background in both Sustainable Energy and Sustainable Food, as well as in Business and Innovation. She lived in four different countries and is highly interested in people and cultures. He

r mission is to achieve a fair and sustainable future for everybody.

“I love to meet passionate people who put all their efforts to achieve success on their fields. Not only for them, but for the whole society. And Cinta is, for sure, one of these people. Thank you for teaching me a lot.”
Bela Gil, chef, nutritionist, activist and author of 5 bestselling books in Brazil


“Cinta is very knowledgeable and passionate about sustainability and innovation. Her energetic approach is contagious and she is a great team worker.’’

Enzo Maria Savelli, Co-Founder & CEO ECo



”Cinta is a focused, impact oriented team player with great interpersonal skills. I enjoyed working with her and all the support she gave me.”

Edward Mukiibi, Vice-President Slow Food International


”Cinta is enthusiastic, empathetic and she understands the complexity of food systems and the current social, environmental and economic challenges that farms, producers and other stakeholders face.”

Gabriele Volpato, Lecturer in Human Ecology at the University of Gastronomic Sciences


“Cinta is a powerful and creative personality, with passion for Good, Clean and Fair food.”

Arie van den Brand, Vice-President Slow Food Nederland

“Working and traveling together with Cinta has made me very fond of her. She has a realistic view on the challenges our food system holds. With her organizational skills and her determination, she convinces people to face these challenges together.”

Anne Luz Pijnenburg, Sustainable Food Pioneer and Chairwoman Slow Food Youth Network Amsterdam



We love to work on complex projects and problems and we give your organization a boost by:


  • Improving its sustainability
  • Improving its corporate social responsibility
  • Doing sustainable project management
  • Executing projects together
  • Providing sustainability advice (eg. food, energy, mobility and events )

    We love to write and we execute different types of analysis and writing, such as:


  • Scientific writing
  • Reports
  • Blogs
  • Guides
  • Feasibility analysis
  • Life Cycle Assessments (LCA)
  • Life Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA)

    We love to share our knowledge, in the form of:



    • Presentations
    • Lectures
    • Workshops


    We have experience with different target audiences, such as children, students and municipality officials.




    We are dedicated to our mission, a fair and sustainable future for everybody, and we always aim for the best result for our clients. We take your project to a higher level within the framework of your organization’s philosophy.

    Team players


    We believe in synarchy; together we can achieve something greater than what we could achieve individually. Therefore, we work in close cooperation with your organization. As a result, we provide you with the best tailor-made solutions.



    Innovation is crucial to stay on top of trends. We are creative thinkers and we are not afraid to step off the beaten track. Because of our broad background, we easily oversee complex systems, which allows us to deliver you ingenious solutions.

    Quality driven


    We strive for quality. We set high standards for ourselves and by asking the right questions and applying a systematic approach, we ensure that the highest possible goal will be achieved.




    Boost & write: ECo, Portugal

    Sustainable writing and events ECo is a start-up with the mission to empower people to make conscious choices and to get the most out of their lives, while living in peace with nature. They do this through their online platform and their offline communities of people and businesses. ECo helps them with their journey in which people can learn, experience and co-create. ENERGiK provides ECo with knowledge and writing, such as articles, blogs and guides. Topics that were covered are sustainable travel, home, lifestyle, food and product design. In addition, ENERGiK supports ECo in their business strategy, marketing and sustainable events.

    Present: ROC Horizon College, The Netherlands

    Lecture Sustainability

    ROC Horizon College provides intermediate vocational education. ENERGiK was approached to give a lecture about sustainability to multiples classes of teacher assistants.

    The lecture was divided into several parts. First, the knowledge of the students was tested by a short mind map session, followed by general information about climate change and sustainability. Thereafter more specific information was provided (about sustainable products, energy, food and transportation) and the lecture ended with a classical discussion about how to achieve a sustainable lifestyle.

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    Write & present: Karanganjar Coffee Plantation, Indonesia

    Sustainable Gastronomy Tourism

    Karanganjar Coffee Plantation is a historical coffee plantation and is located in East-Java. The plantation was built in 1874 by a Dutch man and various attributes from the colonial era can be viewed in the museum on the plantation. To this day, coffee is grown.

    Karanganjar came with three different problems; they noticed lower coffee production and quality, they experienced the effects of climate change and they received a different type of tourists than they would like to see.

    The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were used as an overarching frame to link coffee production, climate change and tourism. Recommendations were given regarding Sustainable Gastronomy Tourism through the principle of permaculture, to achieve a better soil, better working conditions, more resilience to climate change and a better taste of the coffee. The expectation was that an additional effect would be attracting agritourism, something that Karanganjar wished for.

    Besides this project, a plastic-free project was developed and presented to the heads of department.

    kronkels (Medium)

    Boost & present: Kwakelpad Buurtschap, The Netherlands

    Circular Neighbourhood Kwakelpad

    ENERGiK got the assignment to create a sustainable neighbourhood at a unique countrified location in the municipality of Koggenland. Both existing buildings and new construction sites were part of the project.

    The neighbourhood included a traditional farmhouse from 1908, a multifunctional studio building and two new to be built houses, with as archetype the farmhouse, which would consist of multiple apartments.

    The most important principles of the Circular Neighbourhood Kwakelpad are maintaining the character of the place and, at the same time, a contemporary and flexible way of living. Some applied concepts are circular buildings, a mix of different people (young, elderly, starters, single, family), renewable energy generation, sharing of electric vehicles and local production of food (vegetables, fruit, eggs, honey). An important base was private living with the benefits of sharing.

    ENERGiK led this project and carried out literature research, a feasibility and stakeholder analysis. We also provided advice regarding subsidies, legislation and energy-saving solutions. In addition, we acted as the contact person for private and public authorities.

    Partners in this project were Woonpioniers Architects and Recyclarch Interior Design. For more information: www.kwakelpad.nl


    Write: Vapori di Birra, Italy

    Sustainable Beer Brewery

    Vapori di Birra came with the question of how to improve the sustainability of their production process, without comprising the quality of their beer and their economic sustainability. They use geothermal energy as the primary energy source in their production process.

    ENERGiK analyzed the environmental sustainability and the cost-efficiency of this process. This was then compared with three other energy sources. Therefore, a model and a Life Cycle Assessment was made and both material and energy flows were compared. This included the Cumulative Energy Demand (MJ/a), the Global Warming Potential (kgCO2eq/a) and the Costs (€/a).

    In addition, literature research was carried out, and a stakeholder analysis and a Life Cycle Cost Analysis were made. Recommendations regarding heat and electricity had been given and CO2 and cost-saving solutions were proposed.