ENERGiK works on
sustainable food


In many places in the world, the impact of climate change is clearly noticeable; the global average temperature is rising, there are more extreme weather events and the corals in our oceans are bleaching.

It is time to act.

Improving the sustainability of your organization is not only needed to ensure a bright future, but it also makes clear economic sense.



ENERGiK consults both private and public organizations to boost their sustainability, shares knowledge through presentations and workshops and is also specialized in writing reports and executing Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs).

ENERGiK was founded in January 2018 and is run by Cinta Peerdeman.

Cinta has a background in both Sustainable Energy and Sustainable Food, as well as in Business and Innovation. She lived in four different countries and is highly interested in people and cultures. He

r mission is to achieve a fair and sustainable future for everybody.



We love to work on complex projects and problems and we give your organization a boost by:


  • Improving its sustainability
  • Improving its corporate social responsibility
  • Doing sustainable project management
  • Executing projects together
  • Providing sustainability advice (eg. food, energy, mobility and events )

    We love to write and we execute different types of analysis and writing, such as:


  • Scientific writing
  • Reports
  • Blogs
  • Guides
  • Feasibility analysis
  • Life Cycle Assessments (LCA)
  • Life Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA)

    We love to share our knowledge, in the form of:



    • Presentations
    • Lectures
    • Workshops


    We have experience with different target audiences, such as children, students and municipality officials.




    We are dedicated to our mission, a fair and sustainable future for everybody, and we always aim for the best result for our clients. We take your project to a higher level within the framework of your organization’s philosophy.

    Team players


    We believe in synarchy; together we can achieve something greater than what we could achieve individually. Therefore, we work in close cooperation with your organization. As a result, we provide you with the best tailor-made solutions.



    Innovation is crucial to stay on top of trends. We are creative thinkers and we are not afraid to step off the beaten track. Because of our broad background, we easily oversee complex systems, which allows us to deliver you ingenious solutions.

    Quality driven


    We strive for quality. We set high standards for ourselves and by asking the right questions and applying a systematic approach, we ensure that the highest possible goal will be achieved.